The Nuts & Bolts of 21st Century Learning

“It’s difficult to know how much to let them fail.”

This line from the article really stuck out to me. Shelley Wright, the teacher and blog author who wrote this, is talking about the difficulties of teaching. She says that it is hard to know how long to let “wrong” idea continue before stopping it. Is it important for students to fail on their own so they learn from their mistakes, or is that taking time away from the lesson plan when they could already be corrected and be on new material? I can easily spot the dilema.

Reading Wright’s article about presenting a lesson through a collaborative approach was very different to me. I am not used to this style of independent learning, where students direct themselves. I have not made up my mind what I think about it yet either! I am hesitant because I wonder if students will miss key topics or not follow curriculum if they take full control of their own learning. I suppose that as long as the teacher still plays an active role and guides students this won’t be too much of a concern. If not, I think students would need a whole lot of self responsibility!