Cool Cat Teacher Blog Reflection

I enjoyed checking out the “Cool Cat Teacher Blog.”

Here’s the link:

Eva Brown is a teacher and an author.  Eva brown preaches the use of technology in the classroom for many reasons.  First, she points out that student teaching is no longer as unreachable or difficult to experience as it once perhaps was.  Eva explains that with blogs, and online portals that connect students and educators, conversations between tutors and students is already possible.

Eva also expressed her like for tablets in the classroom.  She believes that it has the ability to improve the effectiveness of teaching in classroom because it eliminates the time necessary to “get ready” to teach.  Eva says that tablets, such as the iPad, help teachers reduce the time necessary to prepare and “get to the learning.”

I also like how Eva decides to use technology to reflect. What worked? What didn’t? She suggests using the summer to “tweak” the “all too short” time that students and teachers share together!

Thanks for reading my thoughts on Eva’s blog!